OPENing UP new methods, indicators and tools for peer review, dissemination of research results, and impact measurement

Open Access and Open Scholarship have revolutionized the way scholarly artefacts are evaluated and published, while the introduction of new technologies and media in scientific workflows has changed the “how and to whom” science is communicated, and how stakeholders interact with the scientific community. OpenUP addresses key aspects and challenges of the currently transforming science landscape and aspires to come up with a cohesive framework for the review-disseminate-assess phases of the research life cycle that is fit to support and promote Open Science.


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17 Mar
What do reviewers think about the established peer review system?

OpenUP ran a survey to capture current perceptions and practices in peer review, dissemination ...

16 Mar
Introduction of OpenUP’s Pilot Studies

In context of OpenUP’s 6th Work Package, seven pilot studies will be kicked off this year. The ...

15 Mar
Moving research beyond academic venues

OpenUP explores innovative ways of research dissemination Open Access and Open Scholarship have...

3 Mar
Open Data – Open Science – OpenUP

Saturday 4 March is the 2017 Open Data Day! The use of Open data is an integral element of Open...