Moving research beyond academic venues

OpenUP explores innovative ways of research dissemination

game-1821015_640Open Access and Open Scholarship have revolutionised the way scholarly artefacts are evaluated and published, while the introduction of new technologies and media in scientific workflows have changed the “how and to whom” science is communicated, and how stakeholders interact with the scientific community.

OpenUP aims to explore innovative ways of disseminating research outputs beyond traditional academic dissemination. Such ways include the dissemination of research results in traditional media (e.g. newspapers, TV), social media (e.g. via blogging), or museums, using text, images, videos, games, comics and other media formats.

Why investigating? Why using innovative ways of dissemination?

  1. These dissemination media and methods can support researchers in influencing their research impact,
  2. they can help spreading scientific results to a wider audience (e.g. the industry, policy makers, specialists outside the research community, journalists, the general public) and
  3. using interactive Web tools for dissemination would make transparent how research outputs are reflected in non-research communities and the general public, which can deliver further impact evidence relevant for researchers, funders and other stakeholders.

Stay tuned as OpenUP is working on a comprehensive framework to support researchers to disseminate their work!

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