Introduction of OpenUP’s Pilot Studies

In context of OpenUP’s 6th Work Package, seven pilot studies will be kicked off this year. The aim of the pilot studies is to test and evaluate selected innovative peer review, dissemination, and impact measuring approaches applied to specific research areas and communities. To achieve this, the OpenUP team will involve seven research communities from arts & humanities, social sciences, energy, and life sciences. The pilot studies will be implemented in close collaboration with the research communities. Together with the communities, the OpenUP team will apply and test technical and processual solutions identified. The goal is to evaluate the tested methods applied to the specific settings and research communities and to identify working practices, developing standards, and remaining gaps.

The pilot studies have been designed to cover as many areas and application contexts as possible within the restricted scope of the project. They follow a similar structure and common criteria but operate rather independently and individually from each other. The seven pilots are attributed to three Use Cases, which correspond to the OpenUP pillars.


The results of the pilots will be evaluated individually. The insights gained from the evaluation of the pilots will feed back to the framework studies produced by the Work Packages 3, 4, and 5, and provide useful input for the policy recommendations produced in Work Package 7. Beyond that, the OpenUP use cases and pilots strive to produce success stories and best/good practices that can further support other communities to apply new Open Science methods. First interim results will be provided in November 2017. The final evaluation report will be released in July 2018.

More information about the individual OpenUP pilot studies will be provided soon. Stay tuned!

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