Announcing the Open Science Fair 2017

Save the date! Make your voices heard for opening up Science.

Open Science Fair 2017 (OSFair2017) is having its first opening international conference in Athens, Greece, 6-8 September 2017.

In the spirit on Open Science, OSFair2017 will bring together all different stakeholders: policy makers, funders, publishers and content providers, research infrastructures/communities, researchers, libraries, institutions and innovators, aiming to bring change towards a more open and sustainable scenery.

OSFair2017 is a three-day conference that will include keynotes by experts from the area of Open Science, roundtable discussions, workshops, hands-on and training sessions. It will actively engage with the elements required for the transition to Open Science: e-infrastructures and services, policies as guidance for good practices, research flows and new types of activities (disseminate, mine, review, assess, etc.).


OSFair2017 is organized jointly by four EU funded projects in the area of Open Science. The OpenAIRE, OpenUP, FOSTER and OpenMinTeD projects share the vision of a science that is free of accessibility and information barriers and is an enabler of social innovation. It is partly supported by the EOSCpilot project which aims to secure and support an open research environment for Europe.

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