OpenUPOpen Access, Open Science, Open Scholarship accompanied by sharing enabling technologies, have revolutionized the way scholarly artefacts are evaluated, published and assessed. These developments have also changed the requirements and practices of the involved stakeholders, namely researchers, publishers, funders, institutions, industry and the public. Traditional ways of publication and evaluation do not satisfy the needs of this changing landscape.

OpenUP addressed key aspects and challenges of the currently transforming science landscape in terms of quality assurance of scientific publications, communication of scientific outputs, and impact assessment with a focus on Open Science developments. It mapped out and promoted new solutions that better suit the needs of researchers, innovators, the public and funding bodies. Through analysis, consultation, hands-on stakeholder engagement, OpenUP:

  • developed frameworks that define methods, roles and processes, benefits and opportunities for uptake of open peer review, innovative research dissemination and impact measurement methods;
  • built an interactive knowledge-base, the OpenUP Hub that hosts information, toolkits, guidelines and other resources on peer review, research dissemination and alternative metrics;
  • validated the proposed mechanisms through pilots involving researchers from four scientific communities- Life Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities and Energy;
  • derived practical policy recommendations and actions to be used by EU, national and institutional policymakers, publishers, libraries, research funders, community-based initiatives and alternative metrics providers.

The OpenUP project employed a bottom-up and community-oriented approach as an overarching strategy for all project tasks and activities. We engaged our target audiences, stakeholders and research communities right from the beginning of the project in research tasks, analysis and piloting. OpenUP’s methodology involved several stages:

An outline of the methodology of the OpenUP project.

An outline of the methodology of the OpenUP project

Through its activities, OpenUP presented opportunities for implementation of more transparent quality assurance processes and impact measurements that can be applied to all kinds of dissemination and communication processes. In addition, through an array of engagement activities (Open Science Fair 2017 and the Final OpenUP conference as well as further workshops and dissemination activities), OpenUP had a significant impact on several sectors and stakeholders: academic communities, researchers, publishers, funders, and also the general public.