2The University of Göttingen is strong in research basis, maintaining high standards in research and teaching and a top-level international reputation. In order to maintain this status and to build on it for the long term, the university places particular emphasis on innovation and enhancement of profile, fostering young-generation academics and expanding research and information structures.

Göttingen State and University Library (UGOE) is one of the largest libraries in Germany and a leader in the development of digital libraries. It is a leading open science institution and e-infrastructure innovator. UGOE played a key role in leading to the networking activities in the DRIVER project (2005-2009), building the digital repository infrastructure for Europe. It acts as Scientific Coordinator in the OpenAIRE project (2009-ongoing), which has built up an infrastructure and support network across 33 European countries. In addition, it hosts open access initiatives, e.g. the international Conferation of Open Access Repositories (COAR). UGOE establishes dedicated research environments for the humanities in national, European and ESFRI activities.

In OpenUP the University of Göttingen acts as scientific coordinator and manages the work on open peer review (work package 3), including the development of an open peer review toolbox, coordinating a pilot study together with the Digital Humanities community, and contributes to other project activities.