The University of Amsterdam (UvA) has an international outlook, fitting in with Amsterdam’s character and history as an independent, innovative and engaged city. We provide academic education for tomorrow’s leaders and innovators, carry out pioneering research and use the results to develop socially relevant applications.

Three departments of the UvA contribute to OpenUP. The Library is an innovative department and has open access as one of the four themes in the policy plan. The Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research (AISSR) is one of the leading research institutes of the UvA, exemplified by the consistently high scores of social sciences in all rankings. The Institute for Information Law (IViR) is one of the largest research centers in the field of information law in the world.

In this project the Library of the UvA will contribute to the work of other partners in the project and organize a major conference. AISSR and IVIR will coordinate a pilot study on respectively innovative dissemination and impact indicators.