Pilot 6: Reflexivity of metrics on medical research & dissemination practices

To achieve this we engage with two research communities to analyse their use of social media tools and Altmetrics. Stakeholders of both communities will be involved in interviews and meetings and be asked to report their social media and Altmetrics activities on a day to day basis. The goal is to create a community profile on Altmetrics and evaluate the applicability of the activity in this specific context. The evaluation will cover the potential of the approach for informing about the suitability of specific metrics for the selected communities.The goal of the pilot study is to analyse how much the use of new dissemination practices and channels (such as blogs or social media) depends on established cultures of appreciation that reward usage of these channels.

The OpenUP project will:

  • Identify current practices and needs of biomedical community in context of social media and Altmetrics
  • Collect meaningful cases for data sharing in various research phases
  • Create a community profile on Altmetrics in translational research

Contact: Clemens Blümel, DZHWbluemel@dzhw.eu