Pilot 7: Piratical distribution as one form of impact indicator & reaching unexpected audiences

The goal of the pilot study is to conduct a quantitative, statistical and econometric analysis of large scale datasets on the supply of and demand for scholarly works on various illegal platforms (e.g. Sci-Hub, Library Genesis). The pilot will try to model which works-specific factors may explain the availability and illegal demand for individual works (e.g. price, legal availability). 

The data will be analysed using advanced statistical modelling methods and geospatial models to explain the impact of legal (un)availability of scientific works. The results will shed light on any potential failures or shortcomings on the legal access channels (markets and libraries) that drive people to use the black markets. The findings may be used to assess how important the illegal traffic of scientific works is.

pilot7The OpenUP project will:

  • Enrich and analyse datasets from piratical access providers
  • Develop online service enabling real-time exploration of illegally downloaded books
  • Set up micro- and macroeconomic models to explain what factors drive piratical demand

Contact: Balazs Bodo, University of AmsterdamB.Bodo@uva.nl