Work Package 1 – Management and Coordination

WP1 is dedicated to the management, coordination and monitoring of the project and enable the efficient progress of its work meeting the contractual obligations and the quality expectancies of the consortium. This work package also addresses the project’s data management plan and implementation.

Leading partner: PPMI

Work Package 2 – Outreach and exploitation

The overall objective of this work package is to communicate the project rationale, objectives and methodology with the involved stakeholders and the general public raise awareness about the project outcomes, and support the exploitation of project results.

Leading partner: UoA

Work Package 3 – Peer review framework

This work package will undertake a landscape scan and assessment of the existing and evolving methods, functions and targets of traditional and non-traditional peer review. In addition, it will develop guidance and tools to support the implementation and operation of open peer review in various contexts.

Leading partner: UGOE

Work Package 4 – Innovative dissemination framework

This work package will investigate innovative ways of disseminating research outputs beyond traditional academic dissemination in different disciplines. Such ways include the dissemination of research results in traditional media (e.g. newspapers, TV), social media (e.g. via blogging), or museums, using text, images, videos, games, comics and other media formats. The main result of this work package will be a framework for innovative dissemination of research results. This framework will describe good practices as well as recommendations on how to create a successful research dissemination strategy beyond traditional academic dissemination.

Leading partner: Know-Centre

Work Package 5 – Impact indicators framework

The objective of this work package is to generate a validated taxonomy of channels of scientific knowledge dissemination and transfer channels and to suggest indicators enabling assessing impact and quality of the underlying research.

Leading partner: DZHW

Work Package 6 – Community driven use cases and pilots

This work package will implement, test, and verify the outputs and frameworks from WP3-WP5. Attributed to the three OpenUP pillars (peer review, assessment and dissemination), the team will design and implement specific pilot studies in different settings and research communities to verify the results.

Leading partner: AIT

Work Package 7 – Policy analysis, recommendations and guidelines

The work package will produce a set of guidelines and practical recommendations targeted to different stakeholders, namely EU, national and institutional policymakers.

Leading partner: PPMI