Pilot 2: Open Peer Review for Research Data


The goal of the pilot study is to investigate the applicability of (open) peer review to research data in disciplines related to Social Sciences. In a first phase, we will analyse current dataset management and diffusion practices in this field. In particular, we will examine:

  • types of datasets,
  • data providers,
  • publication/diffusion and
  • validation modes.

In a second phase, we will conduct interviews and a survey taking into account both perspectives by data providers/journal publishers and data users. The aim is to collect additional insight into good practices supporting data validation or quality assessment.

The OpenUP project will:

  • Identify best practices of data repositories and attitudes of data users in collaboration with the Human Mortality Database (HMD)
  • Test pre-publication and post-publication criteria
  • Capture trends and needs to be addressed in the Social sciences to improve data evaluation

Contact: Daniela Luzi, CNR-IRPPS National Research Council – Institute for Research on Population and Social Policies, d.luzi@irpps.cnr.it