Pilot 3: A data journal for the Arts and Humanities


The goal of the pilot study is to define a framework for a data journal in the Humanities and to provide a related action plan. The pilot will investigate how quality assessment and (open) peer review can be applied to research data in the Humanities.

In a first phase current practices and requirements of the Humanities data community are being analysed, and the Humanities data field mapped based on existing research. In a second phase these insights will be complemented by additional interviews with stakeholders from the research community. Special attention will be put on infrastructure and technological requirements as well as on scholarly communication processes involved.

The OpenUP project will:

  • Identify best practices in sharing and publishing data in arts and humanities in collaboration with the DARIAH network
  • Map out local infrastructures: DARIAH repository, OPERAS preliminary results for developing Humanities communications system
  • Develop practical guidance for researchers for every step of the data publishing process

Contact: Edit Gorogh, University of Göttingengoeroegh@sub.uni-goettingen.de