Pilot 4: Transferring the research life cycle to the web

The goal of the pilot study is to investigate whether qualitative research, in particular data analysis and data collection, can be transferred to open online groups. A special focus will lie on mechanisms to engage citizens in qualitative research processes.

In a first step we will further develop an existing open online research software prototype, which enables collaborative online data analysis and collection. In a second step, it is foreseen to engage citizens through a Massive Open Online Research (MOOR) course. The leading question that will be investigated in cooperation with the citizens is when and how sadness is medicalized in everyday life across the globe.


The OpenUP project will:

  • Adapt and test software and social technology to enable citizens from most diverse backgrounds to participate in data collection and data analysis in qualitative research
  • Advance knowledge of sadness and depression by systematically building insights on the lived realities of citizens’ everyday life
  • Engage citizens in open research by providing an open collaborative research environment through Coursera

Contact: Christian Bröer and Nynke Kruiderink, University of AmsterdamC.Broer@uva.nl