Pilot 5: Addressing & reaching businesses and the public with research output


The goal of the pilot study is to analyse and test how disseminated research results from the Energy area can be made more interesting, appealing, and usable for target audiences beyond the research community. In this pilot we are particularly addressing businesses and the general public.

In a first step we will define the needs, interests and preferences of these stakeholder groups, based on which we will define recommendations and guidelines for targeted communication of research contents. In a second step the identified communication channels and strategies/standards will be tested by a smart city community.

The OpenUP project will:

  • Create recommendations and guidelines for reaching out to the targeted audiences (general public and businesses)
  • Test and improve the recommendations in collaboration with the SmarterTogether project
  • Explore if Altmetrics can be used as a meaningful indicator for assessing impact in specific target groups

Contact: Michela Vignoli, AIT Austrian Institute of Technologymichela.vignoli@ait.ac.at